Alex Greco Lettering takes the traditional form of lettering and transforms written word into art. By adding a personalized, modern touch to each piece of art, she helps people create timepieces for life’s most special moments and events. Owner Alex Greco hand-crafts each piece to be filled with joy, and reflects her client’s story through her art. Alex believes in doing what you love, bringing joy into life, and sharing it with others, and is on a mission to empower people to lead a creative, joy-filled life.

Alex Greco Lettering


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brand goal

To create a brand experience that speaks to the spirited couple and conveys the personalized approach to modern calligraphy- an identity that feels joyful, personal and heart-centered.

brand identity

brand photography

- Alex Greco, Owner of Alex Greco Lettering

"I love the brand that Kait has helped me to create these past few months! The designs represent the modern and artistic qualities of my business, and I know they will help me stand out from others in my industry. I'm so excited to start implementing the assets and collateral in my packaging to elevate my work and my brand. I'm obsessed with my new brand images, and can't wait to start using these to create a cohesive presence across my platforms. Overall, the new brand identity really speaks to who I am and what I want my business to embody!"

Kind Words.

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- Jacklyn Zoppi, Founder of Luna Lynn Creative

“When I began working with Kait Clarke Creative, I knew I’d receive beautiful photos and a brand strategy along with it, but Kait’s vision was truly better than anything I could have ever dreamed up. I’m amazed at how quickly she can get to know someone’s brand AND their specific industry. The strategy intensive really helped me to see my mission and values so much clearer, and hone in on who my audience really is. Kait doesn’t just provide pretty photos- she goes above and beyond to get to know a brand, and think of creative ways to make that brand stand out. Her ideas are so intuitive and really helped me to understand all that my brand is, and all that it can be. I love that it’s not just one photo session. It’s basically a month of coaching, an awesome photoshoot, AND a strategy session afterwards. In the end, she doesn’t just hand over photos and say “here ya go!” You are sent off with the resources and confidence you need to get your marketing game on. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I had so much FUN!” 

- Ramona Milam, Founder of Milam Management

“Before I found Kait Clarke Creative, Milam Management was just getting off the ground. It had no clear identity, direction nor voice. I knew what I was capable of, and what my new business could be capable of, but I had a hard time translating that into a succinct way- that is, until I worked with Kait. She helped me refine my brand in a way that exceeded all of my expectations. She was able to piece together my nonsense answers and transform them into a clean, concise branded look. Now, I feel confident with an AMAZING brand, and feel polished and poised for the next step. Timing-wise, I knew things in my business were coming together but I did not know at which stage in the puzzle I should begin this process. I’d encourage potential clients of Kait’s to begin before they may think they’re ready, because she will guide you in a process that does not feel overwhelming but instead empowered about your brand!”

- Christina Echevarria, Founder of The Stellar Shift

“I loved Kait Clarke Creative’s general view on branding and the natural light aesthetic in their photographic work. I really felt like Kait understood the creative direction I was envisioning for my brand photoshoot. I love how organized the entire process is- it is all set up in a project management software and helped me stay on track the entire project. I LOVED our photoshoot together- it was so much fun. I felt very relaxed and supported, and most importantly for me, I wasn’t anxious wondering how the photos would turn out. I could feel how amazing the energy was and knew they would be beautiful. I would recommend Kait for her beautiful energy, creative direction, organizaton & ease of the process, quality of end product, and how she makes the whole experience fun and exciting!”

- Melissa Santell, Founder of FoodxFeels

"Before working with Kait, my brand FoodxFeels was lacking clarity around key messaging and services. I wanted to be everything to everyone, and Kait helped me streamline and emphasize the elements I needed in order to pursue a strategic direction. Not only in my communications, but in the imagery being shared to support them. I really gravitated to Kait’s aesthetic and her business communication strategy. As someone who personally has a marketing background, I was impressed by Kait’s ability to create personable conversation, be informative and sell at the same time. She has a true way with words and a killer eye for details.  I think the main reason I’d recommend Kait’s services to others is her commitment to understanding her client’s brand. Kait went above and beyond to dig into FoodxFeels, what it meant to me, and what it could mean to other people. I really appreciated her personal investment of time and energy, her openness to meet me over flutes of champagne and how deeply she grew to understand my brand."