Our Signature Strategy Process-

allow us to peel back the covers on our tried + true process

Let's Dive In.

For a moment, think of branding like building a house. If you speed through laying the foundation without leveling the ground, too focused on decorating the interior & exterior, your house will not be structurally sound. 

Your brand is your home,

and it’s essential to lay a solid foundation + framework before embarking on the visually aesthetic aspects. To ensure all visual branding projects have a solid foundation, we always begin with our tried & true brand strategy intensive.

We believe in asking tough questions, with even harder answers, to develop a brand foundation that’ll stand the test of time.

Our process in more workshop-esque, 

& less endless questionnaire.

We don’t believe in leaving all the tough questions up to you to solve- after all, we’re the branding experts here. We listen, envision and create a clear-cut brand strategy that takes the guesswork out of your marketing. We work hand in hand with you to develop a greater understanding for all that your brand is, and can be, and develop a clear roadmap forward.

Read: thought-provoking conversations, prompts, and probably a glass or two of late-nite, dream-big wine.

A few points of what we’ll tackle together

(though hardly not all)

- Clarifying your vision, your mission, and your messaging
- Sort through all those ideas running rampant and develop a clear path forward
- Find the kinks in your pipeline- aka, what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it
- Hone your secret sauce (ahem, what sets you apart)
- Develop your unique brand story + map it out in detail
- Learn a lesson or two from your worthy rivals
- Identify how to best reach your people, with an action plan + recommended marketing tools to do it
- Think bigger, but also smarter

and the deliverable, you ask?

The Brand Dossier.

Think: an actionable roadmap to everything your brand must be & do to make its impact. 

brand story roadmap

brand personality
customer profiles
story guide

Brand Positioning Guide

unique value proposition 
marketing recommendations
platform resources

Creative Direction

brand aesthetic
brand visuals
photographic look

Messaging Guide

brand voice
brand pillars
key message

Are you ready to transform your business & life as you know it?

**Note that our strategy process is the foundation from which we build all our visual branding projects (brand identity design, brand photography + web design). We also offer this process as a 1:1 coaching mentorship. Please get in touch for pricing.

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- Romona Milam, Founder of Milam Management

“Before I found Kait Clarke Creative, Milam Management was just getting off the ground. It had no clear identity, direction nor voice. I knew what I was capable of, and what my new business could be capable of, but I had a hard time translating that into a succinct way- that is, until I worked with Kait. She helped me refine my brand in a way that exceeded all of my expectations. She was able to piece together my nonsense answers and transform them into a clean, concise branded look. Now, I feel confident with an AMAZING brand, and feel polished and poised for the next step.  

Timing-wise, I knew things in my business were coming together but I did not know at which stage in the puzzle I should begin this process. I’d encourage potential clients of Kait’s to begin before they may think they’re ready, because she will guide you in a process that does not feel overwhelming but instead empowered about your brand!” 

Kind Words.

Kind Words.

“I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the level of heart and soul Kait has poured into 2Birds’ brand overhaul. It has been truly transformative for me and the business, and something I completely recommend every business does at some point when things feel a little stagnant. Working with her has helped me see 2Birds in a fresh light and truly feel like we are taking things to the next level. She has spectacular ideas and talents - and I’m blow away by what she was able to create throughout this process and on our website.

Since launching our new brand & website, we have seen a significant increase in traffic & inquiries, and continue to get compliments on our beautiful new branding. Kait helped us transform our client process by integrating a virtual platform for consultations, which has truly been a life saver now with COVID challenges. These will truly be tools that will serve us for years to come."

- Alexis Metcalf, Owner & Creative Director of 2Birds Events

Kind Words.

"Before working with Kait, my brand FoodxFeels was lacking clarity around key messaging and services. I wanted to be everything to everyone, and Kait helped me streamline and emphasize the elements I needed in order to pursue a strategic direction. Not only in my communications, but in the imagery being shared to support them. I really gravitated to Kait’s aesthetic and her business communication strategy. As someone who personally has a marketing background, I was impressed by Kait’s ability to create personable conversation, be informative and sell at the same time. She has a true way with words and a killer eye for details. I think the main reason I’d recommend Kait’s services to others is her commitment to understanding her client’s brand. Kait went above and beyond to dig into FoodxFeels, what it meant to me, and what it could mean to other people. I really appreciated her personal investment of time and energy, her openness to meet me over flutes of champagne and how deeply she grew to understand my brand." 

- Melissa Santell, Founder & Creative Director of FoodxFeels

Kind Words.

- Jacklyn Zoppi, Founder of Luna Lynn Creative

“When I began working with Kait Clarke Creative, I knew I’d receive beautiful photos and a brand strategy along with it, but Kait’s vision was truly better than anything I could have ever dreamed up. I’m amazed at how quickly she can get to know someone’s brand AND their specific industry. The strategy intensive really helped me to see my mission and values so much clearer, and hone in on who my audience really is. Kait doesn’t just provide pretty photos- she goes above and beyond to get to know a brand, and think of creative ways to make that brand stand out. Her ideas are so intuitive and really helped me to understand all that my brand is, and all that it can be. I love that her brand photography offering isn't just one photo session. It’s basically a month of coaching, an awesome photoshoot, AND a strategy session afterwards. In the end, she doesn’t just hand over photos and say “here ya go!” You are sent off with the resources and confidence you need to get your marketing game on. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I had so much FUN!”

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